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The 16 Percent is a non-profit community organization that, along with my partners Caroline Starr and Ariel Ng, was launched in September 2017. The name refers to the roughly 16% of Canadians who experience infertility or miscarriage in some way, shape or form. Having each gone through our own harrowing experiences with miscarriage and infertility, we knew how difficult it was to find a space where we could read similar stories to our own--something that was extremely helpful in reducing the feelings of isolation and shame that follow child loss.

We decided to form The 16 Percent to provide people with a dedicated space to share their personal stories of loss and triumph, knowing how cathartic it was for us to share our story, and also to provide a place where others going through the thick of infertility and miscarriage could come, read and find that they were not alone in their experience. To read our featured stories you can visit our website or Facebook page. Our collection of essays entitled Through, Not Around: Stories of Infertility and Pregnancy Loss will be published in 2019 with Dundurn Press. 

If you would like to share your story on The 16 Percent, or know someone who would, please reach out to us at the16percent@gmail.com.